300: Rise of an Empire Trailer 2013 Official Teaser – 2014 Movie [HD]


300: Rise of an Empire Trailer 2013 – Official 2014 movie trailer in HD – starring Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson, Rodrigo Santoro…


25 Responses to “300: Rise of an Empire Trailer 2013 Official Teaser – 2014 Movie [HD]”

  1. Liam van de ven says:

    Yeah cool bro, someone from fucking MACEDONIA did something “questionable” at best a few thousand years ago, why again are you so proud? Alexander wasn’t a greek, and even if he was, that gives you no reason te be proud, why don’t you go achieve something yourself, like learning English, and have something to be proud of.

  2. Liam van de ven says:

    That is fucking bullshit?

  3. chuck norris says:

    nono my friend my only problem with turks is the genocide of minor asia cause my parents come from there the genocide that turk refuse today regardels if they did it when they do i ofer all my friendship and second of all i got deslexia if you now what that is but my english speeling is bad ofc i dont dinied that but can speak perfect but not wright :)

  4. Andreas anestopoulos says:

    i don’t remember anyone remember the Persians with different way ? do you ? but i remember hundred of status and 1-2 nations (or wanna be) calm to be Descendants or Alexander ….. (read more.. talk less)

  5. zu00498747 says:


  6. Antonio Pires says:


  7. Michael Trance says:

    can we not self stroke our own dicks about our own countries and just watch the movie trailer.

  8. Azronike says:

    look offensive like the previous one and till now there are some deluded people think that Greece is the cradle of Democracy Freedom and justice :(
    well that’s wrong read the book” Black Athena ” you will find that the roots of these things is from Asia and Africa (Egypt, Syria ,Persia ..etc)
    All the kings wanted to enlarge their Kingdoms not just Persians , Alexander also did
    They exaggerate so much by viewing that Persians Are barbaric bloody nations this is not true .

  9. HookGreg says:

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  10. ima burst says:

    bit sceptic, 300 did not have much of a story line but the battles are what made it amazing.When i watched it first time it left me wanting more and hoped there would be a sequel. But this looks to be just capitalising on the success of the first movie to me.

  11. suttie1996 says:

    This looks class

  12. remliqa says:

    Not remake, a continuation of the story.

  13. Snipersilentshows says:

    Is this a remake of the first 300 from 3-4 years ago (I think)

  14. remliqa says:

    So you hate Turks,I’m guessing you’re Greek then.You shouldn’t be blinded by nationalism when talking to strangers

    Nah, I’m neither Persian nor Turk( you guess is off by several thousand miles at least).I am however very interested in history.What I’m not interested in talking to trolls and people who doesn’t even care enough to proofread their thoughts.

    And don’t give me The”English isn’t my first language” excuse.English isn’t my native tongue either.

  15. Electrokord1691 says:


  16. Gaurav Kumar Jha says:

    Do the West have any civilisation in the first place?

    Once Mahatma Gandhi was asked in London: “Mr. Gandhi, what is your idea on western civilisation?”

    He replied: “Western civilisation??? Ah, that’s just a good idea!”

    People, be proud of whatever your civilisation is, especially The Indians (which is the oldest. Pls Google “Harappa Civilisation”. It was the oldest urban civilisation), the Chinese, the Persians or the Africans

  17. ImagineCraft7 says:

    We Asians typically China have the longest history compared to any other civilizations on earth, you don’t know how much history we have to learn about for ancient China compared to America and Probably even Greece.

  18. chuck norris says:

    or perhaps you are the uneducated and you cant expept some theroies and i think you are ither turk or persian if you ar ea turk i dont give a damn to your opinion but if you are persian plz educate me

  19. MacKlaus71 says:


  20. remliqa says:

    Perhaps you should take time type your comment properly so people would take their time to refute some of your outlandish assertions instead trying to come off as an uneducated troll,something truly not worth conversing against.

  21. chuck norris says:

    they ask him what happend when you reach the end of the world he replyed i turn around and go to other side you should chcekc your scoruce every historian will say you the same think curiocity what is from the other side wasnt only alexander but persian as well is like you say if greece get conquered by persia that time the persians will stop to greece? ovioysly the =y move more and again sorry about my bad english :)

  22. chefgiovanni says:

    click my name, let’s get cooking ….

  23. Gaurav Kumar Jha says:

    We Indians, who are the oldest surviving civilisation, indeed admire Persian civilisation and also contemporary Iran. We condemn America’s unilateral actions against Iran

  24. chuck norris says:

    but they lost this time ^_^

  25. Chris Shutler says:

    300 sequel